Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge-Week 4-Cutouts


This Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge is hosted by We Live in A Flat and Firebonnet.  Be sure to check out the other challenge photos via their sites.

We are now in week 4 of the Snappy H’appy Challenge.  This week we focus on cutouts.  As challenge host We Live in a Flat describes, “Cutouts can be decorative, they can also convey a message. The art of juxtaposing a cut out from a photo or picture with another different photo or picture can create some wildly imaginative scenerios, landscapes or portraits.”

I decided to go ahead and work with the reviewed Moldiv app on We Live in a Flat, although I had never tried it before.  I have to agree that I really, really like the options for text on this app.  However, I found the cutout option a little difficult to get the hang of.  I tried to use a stylus and even the eraser on the end of a pencil to make my outline for my cutout, without success.  Only using my finger seemed to do the trick, but my cutouts were not very accurate until I learned to look at the small extra floating box provided while outlining my object.



Original App Challenge Image
Get Me Outta Here!

Mobile Device: iPhone 4s
App Used:  Snapseed, Moldiv

Then, since this app provided no way to blur the lines between the cutout and the original image on which it was placed, I was forced to be more creative and find a way to handle the hard line between the two.  My final decision was to also make a cutout of the soap bubbles, then duplicate and layer it several times at the bottom of my photo to blend the kitty cutout with the washer.


 Duplicating the Soap Bubbles

So here is the final result.  I do still wish this app had a way to blend the cutout to the background image.   Since it did not, I took this photo into Photoshop to blend the cutout better.


Final App Challenge Image

No cats were harmed in the making of this image!

Want to have fun and participate in the photo challenge, or just visit the other entries?  Just click on the Snappy H’appy Logo at the top of this post!


6 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge-Week 4-Cutouts

  1. OMG, I am glad no cats were harmed in the photo making! Haha, good laugh.The cut outs were meant to stand out versus blend in, but I guess it just went against everyone’s aesthetics! Haha! I have another post on blending in the later weeks of the challenge 😉

    • Lucy is glad too! Well I saw some of the other challenges and the cut-outs looked great; just did not work as well for me on this one. I look forward to the blending in later weeks.

  2. What a concept? This has always been my greatest fear for Serengetti. Exploring the washer, falling asleep and getting washed up. Well done!
    I have had technical difficulties with my devices and the internet, so I am behind in making comments. I am away for a week. Today, I have access to a computer and a working internet.

  3. Basiga, well I really appreciate your taking the time to comment while you have access to a computer/internet! I have been behind with that lately too, but now that my new website is up and running I too have been trying to catch up with everyone that was in the 12 week photo challenge. I have really appreciated the chance to participate in this; it has definitely forced me out of my comfort zone but I feel that I have learned SO much more about photo apps. Enough even I think to expand that knowledge into my business products, which makes it a double bonus for me!

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