Lucy’s Bio


Lucy’s Bio

Hard not to love!

 Name:            Lucy
Species:         Feline
Breed:            Domestic Short-Hair
Color:             Gray & White Tabby
DOB:              Rescued 12/3/2010
Sex:                Female
Weight:         10 lbs.

Things that make me special:
The dog only thinks she rules.  They are all terrified of me.
I was, quite literally, rescued off the streets from the local Wendy’s.
I love being in the middle of everything.
I am the perfect pet model. I’m gorgeous!
I play in the water bowl.
I’ll eat most anything, and I want to eat all day.  FEED ME!!!
I can be both sweet and a little bit moody.
I purr the loudest.
I need to go stalk Peyton now…goodbye.

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