The Watering Hole

This is Caska, one of my daughter’s kitties.  She LOVES water, and uses her paws as drinking tools.  She also likes to play in the water, which can make for quite a mess!  So my solutions were these:

1.  Use a very heavy clay water bowl.

2.  I cut up one pad (for people beds) from Bed, Bath, & Beyond into four pieces and serged the edges.  Works great and I can switch pads out as they get saturated with water!

3. I placed pad and water bowl in a 2″ deep tray purchased from Target.

No more water flooding the floor.  Problem solved!  Does your kitty play in the water?  Did you find a good solution to keep your floors dry?



100 Cameras in 1

I love photography, and I love it even more now that I have a smart phone and have discovered photo apps!  I have friends that are purists when it comes to photography.  They do such a good job of composing their photos and know their cameras so well that they don’t rely on the new photo editing software that is readily available.

I have a different take, though, on the new digital age as it applies to photography.  My old film cameras and lenses sit gathering dust in my closet.  For me gone are the days of taking the shot, being careful to remove the film properly from the camera so as not to expose it, and waiting to see the shots you took until after the film is developed.  I can review photos immediately after taking them, then download and edit them on the computer with my Photoshop software.  And even better, I can take photos on my iPhone, edit on-the-spot with photo apps, and have them automatically go to my computer via my photo stream.  Amazing!

I’m truly like a kid that’s been handed a huge box of colorful crayons and an unlimited stack of clean white paper.  Being able to “play” with my photos, and turn them into art is just plain FUN.  And speaking of fun, my most recent photo app truly fits this description.  It is called “100 Camers in 1”, and was developed by Lavacado Studios and Trey Ratcliff.  It is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Windows via Intel AppUp.

This is not an app for extension editing, but rather has an amazing number of preset filters that can be used on photos already taken, or on new photos.  It is fast and super easy to use.  Once installed on your device you choose the photo you want to work with (or take a new one), move and scale your photo, and then start scrolling through all the filters to see which one you like the best.  Can’t make up your mind?  You can even save as you go and apply filters in layers, so that the possibilities are almost limitless.  Once you are through you can save your creative photo through all the social media sharing options.  Instant gratification for everyone!

All filters are named, and just reading through the names is a mini adventure in itself.  Sometimes I think I missed my dream job…naming paint colors.  This is similar to that, with filter names like “a child’s shoes”, and “the dark feelings”.  Again, just plain fun.  You can see the names of the filters I’ve used here by scrolling across the photos, with the top left photo being the original.  I think this app is particularly great for outdoor photography, or for creative background images.  Which one is your favorite?

So, buy the app (or get a free version), download, take your photos, and make photography ART!