Gracie’s Bio


Gracie’s Bio

Tough and Scruffy!

Name:            Gracie
AKC:               Gracie’s Gospel Truth
Species:         Canine
Breed:            Cairn Terrier
Color:             Red Brindle
DOB:              4/11/2004; became a forever angel on 4/7/16
Sex:                Female
Weight:          Approx. 19 lbs.
Fav Toy:         Red Kong Toy

Things that make me special:
Hey, I am THE dog, therefore I rule.
I am scruffy, tough & sweet all in one package.
I bark, but I also talk.  Yeah really.
I do a perfect “beg” on my haunches.
I can catch ice (my Mom’s obsession) dropped in mid-air.
I can catch my Kong toy, or any toy,  just like a pro receiver…seriously, and will fetch till YOU drop.
I chase squirrels in MY backyard like a heat-seeking missile.  Don’t you?


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