Tyler’s First Christmas


Tyler’s Very First Christmas – in 2008!  It took an effort to keep him out of that tree.


23 thoughts on “Tyler’s First Christmas

  1. The bottom foot of my tree is always undecorated. It looks funny, but I think it keeps the distractions down. I’ve had more than one tree toppled by a curious pet!

  2. So glad you posted a Christmas past photo too! I worry every year but none of our cats have ever been interested in climbing the tree but they find a lot of other mischief to have with our decorations!

    • Oh I am sure it was a Christmas ornament HE was about to knock down. In 2008 Tyler was still a very young cat, with just too much energy to spare. At (I can’t believe it) five years of age now he has calmed down a bit. I haven’t seen him run, cartoon kitty like, on walls here in quite a while. If only I could catch that on film…

  3. First Christmas – that’s the best! Congratulations on the first Christmas and keeping him out of the tree! ;0)

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