Nest Beds


Nest Design.

Kitties are having fun in these new beds!  Soft, reversible, adjustable, foldable, and washable.



Bed as open mat.


Pattern side as mat.


 Drawstring gathered up.



Lucy pretending to be a turtle!

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28 thoughts on “Nest Beds

  1. Hello Christy!!

    I love the look of your new Nest Beds!!! Do let me know how I may order some from you. They look like real winners for my ‘crew’ . . .

    Hope all is well for you!

    Warm west wishes, Merrylyn (Janiga)

    • I use minky fabric (the solid color with the dots…it is often used for baby blankets and is super, super soft), and high quality designer quilt cottons. Many of my patterns are quite bright. I stock 37 luscious minky colors and about 60 quilt cottons, but also take custom fabric orders.

    • Yes, they would definitely be good for cats and small dogs. Open as mats they are 28″ round, so a good size. They are lighter weight than my other pet beds, and easily fold (with “scored” type seams), so would be good to take for travel.

  2. Did I ever tell you I am bed-obsessed? Every time they come out of the dryer, I pull them down and need to lay on the first, before any of my doggie siblings. Whenever I see one in the store, I paw it down to lay on it. Anywhere there is a bed, I must lay in it. WOOF!

    • Ah, Piranha, it sounds like you would be my perfect dog model!! I have trouble getting Gracie to stay still for photos, so normally use the kitties. If you are bed-obsessed, you would simply love this house! 🙂

  3. Awesome cat beds! I love them! I will have to see about talking the husband into letting me get a few, for myself (okay our cats not me) and as gifts for the other cat lover/owners in my family.

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