Gracie’s Playhouse

Ok, so it really belongs to my daughter.  But now that she is grown and moved away, Gracie loves checking out the playhouse my husband and I built 20 years ago.  It is currently under light construction, with an added need for sanding and painting.  It has stood the test of time well!


My Husband & Gracie

Here is another photo of the playhouse in it’s earlier days, with my daughter and her best friend Candace (and our beautiful Siamese cat Baby).  Lots of memories were created with the neighborhood kids in our backyard!




15 thoughts on “Gracie’s Playhouse

  1. Gracie you look lovely in your castle. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Be sure to stop by our blog. We are celebrating our 50th post by having our 1st give-a-way!

    • She really is…sometimes she looks just like a little stuffed animal sitting by my side she’s so darned cute. I have four cats, but trust me this little dog gets PLENTY of attention!

  2. Hi Gracie! I bet you didn’t know we have a Gracie in our house too. She is my youngest sister, I have two sisters and two brothers. Thank you for stopping by for a visit it was very nice to meet you and you have a great playhouse.

    • She is a Toto! She’s a cairn terrier in “red brindle”, although as she got older she’s more of a wheat color. Cairn’s are just the most wonderful little dogs. They are scruffy, tough, and sweet all in the same package. My husband says that they are big dogs in little bodies. And Gracie gets along with ALL of our cats. She’s super special!

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