Nest Beds

The nest pet bed is a perfect size for cozy sleep!


Leaf id Pet Bandanas

September 25, 2014

I just love these new leaf id pet bandanas.  They come in green leaf and pink leaf.  You can see the listing on my websiste here! Continue Reading →

Eight Reasons Why Your Cat Is So Vocal

September 16, 2014

  She’s hungry. Ok, so she’s really not hungry because you just gave her a treat 30 minutes ago, but hey that’s no reason to stop asking. And ask she does, with just the sweetest little “Feed me NOW” meows she can utter from her not-so-hungry round self. And then she adds emphasis by wrapping herself around your legs over and over again, to the point where you are certain tripping is inevitable. She literally leads the way to her food bowl as her meows become more plaintive. She stares at the ceiling and meows repeatedly. You can’t help but follow her eyes. What does she see up there? Is she crazy? She continues to meow and stare, and you... Continue Reading →

Little Owls

August 17, 2014

About a week ago Gracie gave me a bit of a scare.  I turned on the back porch light and let her outside for one last time for the evening before going to bed.  It was about 10:00pm, and as soon as she stepped out onto our back patio and into the semi-darkness, she immediately took out after something she had seen.  She veered left and to some trees just off the patio.  We have a clay basin with water on the patio (with temps this week at 100 degrees), and I was sure something had been getting a drink when I opened the door to let her out.  I went out after her and didn’t see anything.  Afraid it... Continue Reading →


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