Favorite Finds

It’s Etsy Friday again and I’m here this week to bring you some of my favorite items!  Enjoy Shopping!


Aquamarine Ring

Aquamarine Ring

This lovely aquamarine and copper ring with it’s crystalline beauty is made by Midwest Alchemy.  The shard of aquamarine is surrounded in a electroformed copper band and has been treated with LOS, sealed with Renaissance Wax and has a matte finish.  Each unique piece of jewelry by Kelly at  Midwest Alchemy is completely handmade in her studio in northern Ohio.

Stones are chosen for their color, texture, shape and feel.  I just love the mix of the more rustic sculptural copper element along with the natural beauty of the rough gemstones.  Rings and pendants are also available with stones of crystal, amethyst, quarts, topaz, opal, tourmaline, garnet, sapphire, citrine, druzy, labradorite, turquoise, chrysoprase, pyrite, and pearl.  Truly something for everyone!

Midwest Alchemy is also an Etsy Featured Shop.



Vintage Inspired Straw Hat

I simply adore vintage inspired designs, and Ella from Ella Gajewska Hatsin Poland makes some of the finest millinery you’ve ever seen!  This particular piece is a fashioned after straw hats from the 1920’s with a small brim and asymmetric crown.  It is beautifully detailed with hand applied Swarovski crystals on a soft natural ostrich feather.This elegant hat has been hand blocked and is an original design.  The shop owner can create something beautiful and customized just for you, depending on your interests.  She has a lovely Etsy shop full of all types of hats – everything from her “Teddy Bear Winter Hat” (you have to see that one!), to knit caps, fedoras, and romantic turn-of-the-century designs.  So stunningly beautiful!


Skeleton Key

There is just something about old keys and vintage architectural pieces that I find fascinating.  I think it’s because when I touch these little pieces of history I always stop to reflect on who might have created them, owned them, or used them in times long ago.  Such is the case with these pretty little metal skeleton keys sold by Etsy seller ChokkoVintage.

Chokko Vintage provides this information about skeleton keys (quoted from ehow.com):

“Skeleton keys were designed centuries ago to open warded lock types. Warded locks are simple systems with a set of movable plates inside. When a properly shaped key bit was used, the plates would push aside to release the lock. Skeleton keys were also simple, with generic bits capable of opening many different locks regardless of the maker and key bit style. The use of ward locks declined in the late 1800s, but some use continued into the 20th century. The development of more secure locking mechanisms led to the disposal of the old locks and keys.”

These little keys are beautiful as home decor, in crafting projects, or…I can picture one on a chain that rests on the bodice of my vintage dress form!  Chokko Vintage has many to choose from; all keys ship from Thailand.