Eight Reasons Why Your Cat is So Vocal


She’s hungry. Ok, so she’s really not hungry because you just gave her a treat 30 minutes ago, but hey that’s no reason to stop asking. And ask she does, with just the sweetest little “Feed me NOW” meows she can utter from her not-so-hungry round self. And then she adds emphasis by wrapping herself around your legs over and over again, to the point where you are certain tripping is inevitable. She literally leads the way to her food bowl as her meows become more plaintive.

She stares at the ceiling and meows repeatedly. You can’t help but follow her eyes. What does she see up there? Is she crazy? She continues to meow and stare, and you find yourself staring along with her. Seriously, WHAT DOES SHE SEE UP THERE??? You reason it must be a bug, probably a big bug, and your body prepares for a flight response. Hers prepares for a pounce response.

She’s being pestered by another cat, or the dog, or a child. She screams so loud that you are absolutely certain that there is a mountain lion in your house. You are so startled you spill your drink and have to gather your composure as you wonder how something so loud could possibly have come from her tiny little body. Naw…you must have imagined that.

She wants in, she wants out. She wants in, she wants out. She wants in, she wants out, and she is vocalizing her discontent with the idiot that randomly placed these architectural blocks throughout the house! They can serve no purpose.

She gives a low, almost inaudible growl. She is warning you not to move her from her current resting spot unless you have antiseptic meds and bandages close at hand.

She sees a bird or squirrel just outside the window. Ok, hunting time. Her jaw quivers and the chattering is incessant. You reason that those desk drawer glides really do need replacing, until you realize that your kitty is just doing a little impossible stalking of the outside critters. The chattering continues until the fortunate bird flies away or until the squirrel finds a bigger pecan tree. Life is bitter for an indoor cat!

She hisses, not unlike the classic Halloween cat, in fear or as a warning to other cats or dogs to keep their distance.

She wants affection, and gives a little “ttrrrrrr” when you pet her, or a “I’m just so happy you are in my life” meow. Now these are the best sounds ever, especially when followed by eyes that search your soul and a kitty blissfully curled up in your lap. Or maybe lying stretched across your chest. The house is peaceful and quite now, and all is right with the world. You decide that your kitty has the right idea, and join her for an afternoon nap.


Mr. Tyler


While I’m normally not one for a self-portrait, I captured this photo of Tyler and myself on my i-Phone while relaxing in bed on Sunday morning.  Application of a dry brush filter in Photoshop, some selective cropping, and this was the final result.  The block of white was the sunlight streaming through the skylight and onto my t-shirt.  I do love the artistic effect.  And oh how I do LOVE my Mr. Tyler!

Scardy Cat


Tyler Under Cover

I’m still not quite sure what happened last weekend, and am just a bit puzzled by the whole thing.

Our boy kitty Tyler was not shy as a youngster, although he had every reason to be. I found him in a hotel parking lot in Tyler, Texas (hence his name), chasing bugs and trying to follow anyone and everyone into the hotel. He was all but screaming for help. When my parents and I caught him and brought him back to Austin, he laid in our laps the whole way home, seemingly indifferent to all the 18-wheelers that whizzed past us along Interstate 35. Honestly he was so sick for awhile that I don’t think he cared what was happening.

As Tyler grew he became more and more introverted, which is such a shame because he is by far the sweetest cat I have. It’s hard to convince anyone else that steps into our home, though, of his innate sweetness because chances are they will never see him. He typically hides underneath our sofa until the intruder is gone.

Then this past weekend he became even more illusive than normal. It wasn’t until I saw him afraid to pass through our kitchen that I realized something was very wrong. My husband had been cooking chicken in the crockpot on our kitchen counter all afternoon, and he said the thing made a slight “hissing” sound whenever he opened the lid to check on the meat. Hhhmmmm, I wondered if that could that be the problem.


The Terrifying Crockpot

I picked Tyler up to try and carry him through the kitchen and he was in a pure panic, scrambling to get out of my arms. He headed straight for the back bedroom/sewing studio and crawled under the bed covers, where he stayed the majority of the weekend. His fear persisted for some time even after the “offending” large white metal object was removed from the kitchen counter.

Do you have a scardy cat? Has you pet ever acted suddenly or irrationally fearful of something in your home?

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Adopt a Kitten

Kitten Adopt-971496_10151667182048396_1740144240_n

So how cute is this?  I saw this coupon and was instantly reminded of the time, 10 years ago, when my daughter adopted two kittens from the Austin Humane Society.  These two now grown kitties currently reside in my home, along with her cat Binx, who was rescued from an apartment complex and it quite the lap kitty!

June is adopt-a-cat month with the American Humane Association.  All four of my kitties were adopted, so I thought I would share their inspiring stories with you here.  If you ever get the chance to adopt or take in a stray that desperately needs a home, as the Nike commercial says “Just Do It!”  You will be forever blessed!!


Miss Big Kitty

She was adopted from my local veterinarian’s office in the fall of 1999.  Someone had brought in a litter of beautiful calico kittens that all needed a home, and she found hers with me.  She is a sweet, quite kitty with a comic side that keeps us laughing, and she gets along beautifully with all the other pets (both cats and dog).



My tortie kitty was also adopted from my local vets, although under very different circumstances.  Both she and her creamy orange tabby brother Ashton were left outside my vets office door in a cardboard box prior to their opening one fall day in 2001.  I guess whoever left them there knew that the vets would not refuse to take them in.  They wanted them to be adopted together, and so I gave both of them a new home.  Sadly I lost Ashton to cancer when he was nine years old.  He was the most dog-like cat I’ve ever had, and would ALWAYS come when called, wagged his tail, and ate wholeheartedly.  Peyton has quite the personality and is a real talker, loves high places, and has fur soft as a rabbit!Final-Tyler-DSC02779


Oh his is quite the story.  I was out of town for a relative’s funeral, and my parents and I found him in the parking lot of our hotel, eating bugs and trying to follow all the guests into the lobby through big automatic sliding doors.  We were able to catch him and I took him to a local vets for boarding prior to the trip home.  The vet asked his name, and I told him he didn’t have one.  “Well how about Tyler, since you found him in Tyler, Texas” he suggested, and it stuck.  He rode home with me in my parents car, gazing at all the big rigs on the interstate, and being the perfect gentleman.  I think it was a combination of being grateful for his rescue, and being kinda sick, that made him so settled.  My husband says he has been grateful ever since, and I think that’s very true.  I am smitten by this kitty.  He may not give you face kisses like a dog, but this sweet beyond belief boy will give you neck hugs!



She was a 4-5 month old kitten when we first saw her on a very cold early December night in 2010, approaching all the vehicles as they went through the local Cedar Park Wendy’s drive-thru.  “Would you like anything extra with that order” the attendant asked.  I was tempted to answer, “Yeah, one gorgeous kitten!”  My husband and I went home with our food, and then went with back with carrier and cat food in hand to try to catch her.  It was dark and getting colder; we were expecting our first freeze of the season that night.  Despite multiple attempts we could not make headway with her.  I went back the next morning alone and was finally able to get my hands on her.  She was not feral, but was pretty upset at being caught.  After a trip to the vets for a checkup she was introduced to the other pet family members, and she pretty much walked into the joint and took over…and nothing has changed much since.  She has a dominant personality and rather rules the roost here!