Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge-Week 1-Bokeh



My Photo of the Week
Photo of local North by Northwest Restaurant & Brewery


 App Challenge Image
Making the Industrial Sparkle!

Mobile device: iPhone 4s
Apps used: Snapseed, LensLight

My friend at We Live in a Flat describes Bokeh as “Originating from the Japanese word BokeBokeh (which rhymes with okay :P) apparently means blur or haze.”  Glad I finally know how to properly pronounce it!   After completing this challenge, I also have to say that I definitely prefer the photo with the bokeh effect.  How about you?

The app Lens Light is great as it allows you to add effects like lens/flares, bokeh, lights (need a moon in that scene?).  The effect I used was bokeh stars.  The effects can be edited for placement, brightness, and color, and can be layered.  There are also numerous filters than can be applied.  The app does cost $1.99 but I think it’s great, and it is my first “go-to” app  for adding bokeh or special lighting effects to my photos, although I don’t use it often.

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