Cool Black Cat

Black Cat Square-IMG_1007_Snapseed

My cool 1960’s black resin cat is stalking prey on my mantel!


You Did What?


It’s a question I often hear when people hop in my car for a ride.  I flip my visor down to block the hot Texas sun and then you see it – my two-sided round mirror attached to my visor with a dog collar – a very pretty dog collar.  The setup clearly exposes my design philosophy, first find a way to make things function (or in this case dual function), then make it pretty.  Thinking outside the box helps.  It’s really just as simple as that.

You see my Honda Element came with a mirror on the passenger visor, but not the driver visor.  I thought about it and decided if I bought a nice cosmetic mirror and could find a way to attach it to the visor, it would be especially nice as I could then also remove it for use if needed.  Think “gee I forgot to pack a mirror in my suitcase…oh yeah there is the one on the visor”  kind of thing.


Then the second part came to me; just use a nice dog collar to attach it.  I mean, they have those great snaps, which make it very easy to quickly remove the mirror, and hey, you never know when you might find a stray dog that needs your help.  It works, and I keep a couple of extra leashes in my car too.  You never know when they might come in handy!