Sweet Sherman


My heart is so very heavy as I write today.  This is a photo of our neighborhood kitty Sherman.  My next-door neighbor and I have been caring for him for 9 months now, since the folks that “own” him, and live on the next block, do very little to properly care for him.  We give him food and water daily, and I have also taken him several times to my vets due to his constant respiratory infections.

We have not seen him since Monday evening, and when I called his owner she said someone else on her street told her that a kitty had been killed overnight Monday, but they didn’t think it was Sherman.  However, after speaking directly this morning to the animal control officer that was called out regarding the incident, the description of the cat he gave me (along with the fact that Sherman has not been present for two days now), tells me he was probably the unfortunate victim of an attack by either a coyote or large dog (according to officer).

Sherman was the sweetest kitty you would ever want to meet, and I am truly going to miss his presence in my life.  Although I have four kitties (and currently three of my daughter’s), I came to love Sherman as my own, and always cherished the the quiet moments we spent together, particularly when I was gardening.