Snapseed Photo App


Original Photo



Photo edited in Snapseed for Dark, Dramatic Effect



Additional editing in Photoshop (look at background and eyes!)


Ok, so who doesn’t like a photo program that makes quick editing a breeze! One of my favorite photo apps, Snapseed, is probably the best all-around app for editing your photography on your smart phone or iPad device.  Originally created by Nik Software, and recently purchased by Google, it received the award for “Best Mobile Photo App 2012”.   For these devices you can get the app for free.  Sadly the desktop versions for Windows and Mac are no longer offered, so I am so glad I already have mine installed!  But if you use it for your mobile device your photos will automatically be saved to your photo stream, or can otherwise be shared, for later access on your desktop.   At that point you can always do further editing in another photo editing software, if desired.

This is one amazing little program.  When you first install it on your mobile device and open the program, you will receive quick instructions on the use of each feature as you go through the screens, and help is always quickly available via a button in the top right-hand side of your screen.  You can take photos while in the program, or choose to use photos already on your camera roll for editing.  Controls are on the left and are easily identifiable:  tune image, straighten, crop, details, etc.  Click on any one and swipe your finger across the screen to see changes, or up and down for more selection choices (ex. Bright, Contrast, etc.).  With center focus you can select the point on your photo you want in sharp focus, choose the amount and radius of background you want blurred, and again swipe your finger to see instant changes to your pictures.

There are many great filters with SnapSeed , including Black & White, Vintage, Drama, and Grunge, each with many options.  And with the super cool Tilt-Shift feature you can get the feel of a large format view camera.  It can make a normal scene look like a toy set!  Try it out!


Original Photo



Photo edited in Snapseed



Additional editing in Photoshop (see background and eyes).

At any time you can undo the changes you have worked on, save them, or compare them to your original photo.  I usually don’t select crops or frames.  In fact often I save the final version of my SnapSeed photo without using these features, preferring to save the photo in its original size and complete my crops in Photoshop at a later time.

If you are a little hesitant to work with photography, I think you will be impressed by the ease of use of this software.  The Snapseed website also has some great free online tutorials.  Even if you are comfortable with photography, I would suggest taking one of these tutorials to see the best this software can offer.  You won’t be disappointed!!

Are there any wonderful mobile photo apps you are particularly fond of?  If so please let me know.  I have quite a few installed on my phone, but this one is by far and away my favorite!