Amber Eyes


I was visiting my sister-in-law and her husband in their new home.  It was large and very modern, and I marveled at the beautiful architecture.  It sat on the precipice of a tall cliff, overlooking an emerald green lake.  There was a long rectangular vanishing pool set into the stone patio out back, viewable from the living room, which appeared to melt into the sky.  My niece Scarlett was also visiting, but not for the first time, so she took my hand and led me on a home tour.  I continued to be amazed by the modern design of the home.  In every room there were tall floor-to-ceiling thick commercial glass windows, so that the house was almost see-through, and blended with the land on which it was constructed.

Scarlett and I went down a long corridor, and then stepped out onto a decked balcony.  We rounded a corner and turned to look back into Ken’s study, through some of those tall windows.  In comparison to the rest of the contemporary home, the study seemed steeped in history.  The wooden floors were richly covered by intricately woven Persian carpets.  A very large antique mahogany desk sat centered in the room, which was lined with tall ornate bookshelves stuffed full of page-worn books.  There were many distressed leather chairs scattered about the study for some impromptu reading, accompanied by perfectly sized tables on which to place a drinking glass and pair of eyeglasses.  There were even a few potted plants, which had grown to some size due to the great amount of natural light they received each day.

Scarlett reached to open the door into the study, somehow knowing I would want a closer inspection.  Just then, a couple of young lions appeared in the doorway.  One young male lion quickly brushed past us and onto the balcony.  Suddenly realizing he was somewhere he didn’t belong, he just as quickly turned and went back into the study, the golden tassle of his tail sweeping our legs.  Scarlett quickly bolted the door shut.  “Oh,” she said, “I forgot we were not supposed to go into THAT room!”  “Yes,” I responded as I gazed into the male lion’s amber eyes as he let out a big cat yawn, “and I think I know why!”

Suddenly I heard a low humming sound, and turned my head towards it.  The sound grew louder and louder, and then I recognized it.  It was my husband’s electric toothbrush, buzzing away in the adjacent room.  It was soon followed by the alarm on my i-Phone, until I was awakened.  I slowly came to the realization I was in my own bed, in my own room, and a new day had begun.  I kept my eyes closed for a moment, hoping to go back to the C.S. Lewis dream I had just left, but knew that would be impossible now.  Perhaps again tonight…

Do you have imaginative dreams?  Do you dream in color?  Do you remember them once awake?  Here’s hoping you do!