Color Inspiration


Design Seeds “Puppy Tints”

As we head towards a new year and new beginnings, I wanted to introduce you to a (new to me) design site for pure color inspiration!  It is called Design Seeds, and I actually came across it via Pinterest.

At first, and probably like many, I thought that the color swatches beautifully matched with photography were paint color cards.  Instead, they are the creation of designer Jessica, who states that her color cards “are a modern interpretation of her original color journals.”  I think they are just brilliant!  And I suppose that if you wanted paint colors to match, you could easily take one of these color cards to your local store, choose your paint brand, and have the color “matched” that way.  I think these little bits of color inspiration could be used in SO many ways throughout the home, garden, and for craft creations.  I have certainly used photographs before to pull colors to create my pet products.  Here are some beautiful samples of Jessica’s color swatches.


 Feathered Hues
 Berried Palette


 Flowered Palette


 Color Fresh

Visit Design Seeds to see all the many beautiful color palettes.  You can search by both color value and by theme.  And the “Fresh Hues” link on the site takes you to the blog for even more color inspiration.  Here’s to a colorful start to the New Year!