Sunshine Saturday


Well it’s been a productive Saturday here.  Couple of hours sewing, couple of hours gardening, visiting with neighbors, and making a fresh batch of chicken fajitas!  It’s a beautiful sunny day in central Texas, with temps in the high 60’s.  Hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are!


Peyton using Catnip Toy as Resting Pillow


Pansies in the Garden


Kitty Catnip Toy


I have created a new catnip kick toy this weekend!  I still need to create the listing on Etsy and place on the blog here, but I thought I would give you a “kitty testing” preview.  All four of my cats love catnip.  Some cats don’t respond to it, so I guess I’m lucky that all four of mine enjoy it.  It makes them all a little crazy.  Gracie beware…the cats in the house have all gone wild!


I especially love watching Miss Big Kitty play.  She is fourteen years old now and has some health issues, but can still play like a kitten.  She was really kicking with full force!  Like my new dog toys, these will be offered as custom toys made with your choice of fabrics.  I have purchased many catnip toys and the main complaint for me  is that the catnip wears out and the toys aren’t attractive to the cats anymore.  Not on these!  They are made double-layered, with an interior canvas covered tube with fiberfill, and a separate colorful quilt cotton removable outer layer with velcro closure.  Need more catnip – just open, shake out the old, and add some new and you are ready to go again!!


Go Miss Big Kitty, go!