So Many Dogs


Beautiful Hard-Working Husky

I was at the Austin Pet Expo this past weekend with two goals in mind.  The first was to take a look at the exhibitors and booth setups, since I will be an exhibitor at this event next summer.  The second was to try and get some nice photos of the many dog breeds I knew would be represented at this event.  Well, I was at least successful with the first goal!



Loved this Great OutDogs mobile store – not your typical booth!

There were quite a few exhibitors at this event, and many of them were local adoption agencies.  The exhibitor spaces were set up very much like career fairs I’ve been to, with each space a 10’x10′ area.  I have to say that most retail booths here were not quite like those I’ve seen set at craft or antique fairs.  I think that my space next year should really stand out amongst the crowd.  My products are, by nature, very colorful, and I intend to promote them by showcasing my sewing abilities.  I want to make a nice banner and special table decoration from some of my stocked fabrics.  And perhaps even my own backdrop fabric panel.  Makes sense, right?  Just being able to see the show one full year in advance has been a very big help to me.



Gimme a big smooch!

Another great help was talking to several Etsy sellers that were at this event.  They all made pet products, but not the type of items I make.  They were great about taking time to talk to me and to give helpful suggestions.  I especially enjoyed vising with Leslie Cox from San Antonio, Texas.  She made the most adorable small dog outfits with beautiful fabric, and she had her teeny tiny little yorkie with her to show off her handmade goods.  Cute!  Cute!  Cute!  You can check out her shop at The Pooch House.



This dog had the most fabulous shiny coat.

My second goal, taking photos of different dog breeds, proved to be rather futile because there were so many dogs and so many people at this event, that taking a separate photo of any particular dog turned out to be almost impossible!   Most of the photos I took  had multiple pets and multiple people.  I am trying to get photos of different dog breeds for a new project I have in mind, but guess I will have to go about that task in a different way.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.  I think perhaps I need to attend some dog shows in the area!



This dog had an owner, but there were plenty of dogs (and a few kitties) in need of a good home!

If you were at the show in Austin last weekend, I’m certain you had a good time!!  Ann, sorry I missed seeing you and your daughter.



This pup was so tired she just sat down on her Mom’s feet!

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