Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge-Week 12-Mix It Up


I have certainly missed some weeks of this photo challenge as I have been creating my new Shopify web site, however am delighted to be able to finish the last couple of weeks, and plan on going back and completing the weeks I missed.  The idea for this final post is to “mix it up”, by using at least two out of the 11 different image edit options covered in the last 11 weeks via hosts We Live in a Flat and Fire Bonnet.

Beds-RawOriginal Bed Photo

I went back in time and pulled some of the first product photos I took with my kitties.  All four photos were taken with my DSLR Sony camera.  I decided not to pull them into Photoshop to blend out the white sheet I used as a background, but chose rather to completely edit these with the photo editing apps on my phone.

To start, I edited each of them separately with the photo app Afterlight.  I particularly wanted to use this app because it would easily allow me to “straighten” the photos, as well as apply other more standard editing techniques like brighten, contrast, sharpen, etc.  I then pulled the photo without cats into “Over” to add text, followed by a trip through “PicsArt” to add an artistic effect.  Last but certainly not least I turned to the “Moldiv” app to use the collage effect to pull all four photos together.  This is the finished result.  Hope you like it.  Saying “Here Kitty Kitty” certainly works for my guys!

Here-Kitty-Kitty Final Edited Photo

I want to thank our hosts We Live in a Flat and Fire Bonnet for this super challenge.  Even though I missed some weeks, I feel my editing skills with photo apps have tremendously increased.  And have filled up space on my iPhone and iPad. 🙂

Here is a list of all the photo apps I tried during the past 11 weeks:

Photo Toaster
100 Cameras
PS Express
Toon Camera
Bokeh Lens
Pic Art
VSCOcam Lab
Split Pic Pro
Alien Sky
Disco Sketch

Many of these I tried and did not even touch on during the challenge.  And although I guess this is showing some preference, I think that the one singular app that has me most enthralled me is Mextures, because it lets you create your own filters!  That being said, most of these apps are wonderful and well worth the time to explore.  So try some, and enjoy all that the new digital world has to offer.


2 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge-Week 12-Mix It Up

  1. I love how you have listed the apps you used during the 12 weeks. Well done! Which App did you enjoy using and why? If you had a choice of only three apps to stock in your dark room, which would it be? We use a few similar apps, and I am hesitant to download more. You know how that goes. Currently my favs for editing has been Snapseed and for filters PhotoSudio and DistressedFX.
    I love your here kitty kitty beds.

  2. Ooohhh, three apps, that’s a tough one! I don’t even have Leonardo listed here because I just discovered it, but I think if only three it would be Leonardo (basic editing, layers, masks, filters), Mextures (create your own filters), and Over (for some unique text options). Have not checked out Photo Studio yet. Snapseed and Afterlight are great for editing also. Leonardo is great too – like a pro app version of Photoshop – very very cool! It finally gives me a solution to something I have wanted to do for a long time – perspectives, the option to straighten lines in photos, especially of architecture. And I really love SplitPic Pro, Mobile Monet, Moldiv, and PicsArt for the variety of options they have.

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