Pet Pals


My Dad was recently released from a local hospital after an (almost) two-week stay there following knee replacement surgery. Much of the stay he was on a rehabilitation floor working hard with therapists to make sure (at age 87), that he would do well once he was able to return home. He has, as always, been amazing and is making a great recovery. While on the rehabilitation floor, he was able to meet & greet a couple of the Therapy Pet Pals of Texas certified therapy dogs. I was fortunate enough on one of my visits to see him to be able to meet this sweet bulldog myself. Her name is Breeze. Isn’t she pretty with her sparkling tiara!  Her escort was permitted to take her on her rounds to see patients in a wheelchair, which put her at the perfect height to visit patients in bed.

If you are curious about the photo technique, just follow We Live in a Flat.  We are on a 12 week photography journey learning new ways to use photo apps on our smart phones.  I cover this technique in week 3 – Snappy H’appy – Watercolors.


8 thoughts on “Pet Pals

  1. Therapy dogs are the best! I hope your dad is doing well and I simply love that watercolor effect- not all effects work with all photos. You chose well! I am not good at choosing so I just don’t try those effects very often anymore… 😦

    • Therapy dogs really are the best. I have a friend here in town that takes her whippet to visit the local Dell children’s hospital. She has witnessed first hand the wonders that a dog can perform around sick children. And it is a lot of work on the pet owner’s part, as the dog has to be well socialized, well trained, healthy…and go through a stringent certification process.

  2. I’m not sure but I think we don’t have therapy dogs visiting hospitals over here. That said, I imagine it must have cheered up the patients to see the dog in that silly outfit 😛 Glad to hear your father is doing well. Speedy recovery to him! 😉

    • The dogs definitely do cheer up the patients. And of course they always ask if they can visit, in case someone does not want them to. My parents don’t have pets now. I think sadly there is too much risk of them tripping and falling with animals underfoot as they can get. The last time I had my little dog Gracie at my Mom’s house she turned in the kitchen and almost fell trying to avoid Gracie. I have not taken her back since. My parents, however, do love animals, and still are able to see mine when they visit my home.

  3. Thanks basiga! Dad is back on feet and doing great (mid-May). He’s not playing golf again yet, but hopefully soon! I used a favorite app Mobile Monet for this effect. Oh so easy to use and always gives beautiful results. Sometimes I will use it, then follow with the effects of the Toon Camera app.

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