Hocus Pocus


The Sanderson Sisters-Winnie and Sarah

Sewing today and watching my favorite Halloween movie – Hocus Pocus.  Don’t go for the real scary stuff, and this movie’s just fun.  Besides, it has a black kitty names Binx  (one of my daughter’s cats is named after this movie kitty because he showed up on her doorstep on 10/31/09).  And hey, it even has a brief scene with a honey colored cairn terrier!


 Oh that face!

The other thing I love about this movie is…you guessed it…all the lovely costumes and set designs.  Now those witches’ costumes would be fun to make!  And of course the glorious colors of fall in the lovely town of Salem, where at least some of the film was made, make me want to buy a plane ticket.

So, what’s your favorite Halloween movie?


Give me your thoughts!

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