Lucy Goes Minky


Lucy in Minky Bed

Well, you can see here that Lucy is quite happy with the “almost” all minky pet bed I gave her.  It sat on the shelves as a sample for quite some time before I gave it to my guys to just use.  Lucy is quite the contented kitty now!

Happy Caturday!!


6 thoughts on “Lucy Goes Minky

  1. Thats a really nice bed. Minky is very soft. Do you have to share it with your brofurs and sisfurs or do you get it all to yourself?

    Lucy you are a really cute kitty. You remind our Momma of Shelly when she was younger. You have a very sweet tabby face. Do you get away with things because you are so cute? Love Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S.)

    • Minky is oh-so soft. It’s feels just like the softest bunny rabbit, and the kitties love to knead it with their paws! Lucy should share, but once she claims something the other cats normally leave it for her. You nailed her…she is so cute that she does get away with things. And, anytime I bring out a camera she literally comes running. She’s a my favorite pet model, because, well…she loves it!

    • Hi Merrylyn! You bet. I just need to work out the design a little better. Would really prefer to have it so that you can wash the minky cover and pillow inserts separately, like on my other beds. I like things that are pretty, but I love things that are functional even more. I’ll work on it and try to get it listed soon. Once I do I’ll make an announcement on this site! Also working on dog squeaky toys and catnip kickers for kitties.

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