Moo Ahh


Box of Goodies from Moo

Moo Ahh – a new descriptive term for what you say when opening a package from Moo, Inc.

This is just the most amazing advertising company.  As they say in their logo, “We love to print”.  Well I’m certainly a believer!  I came across this company quite by accident, in an internet search for an online company that could print some new tags for my products.

This is something I have been thinking about doing for quite some time.  And within just days after finding this company online, I saw a notice in an Etsy Success newsletter that they were offering a 30% off sale on any and all products ordered by Sunday, September 8th via the Etsy link provided.  So I spent the better part of that weekend working in Photoshop to format my photos in the correct size and resolution for printing, and placed my order.  Moo has excellent online instructions for submission of your order.  The best part is that they can even pull your photos directly from your Etsy site, although I preferred to rework mine so that they were saved in a higher resolution for print.  The one piece of advice I have here is to allow Moo’s system to “enhance” your photos.  It provides better contrast and brighter colors for any photos you are using.

Final-Moo-2-DSC05236Moo Mini Cards

This is just the neatest company.  Not only are they are able to print in full color on both sides of the card, but they have a technology called Printfinity that gives the option to print a different image or design on every business card, mini card, sticker, etc.  Truly amazing!  Just think about that for a minute – you can showcase your entire portfolio of products on your cards.  Explore Moo’s “inspiration” tab on their website to get loads of great ideas and a feel for what your order will look like.

Not only are my new cards beautiful, but they arrived within one week, and were wonderfully packaged.  Opening the package was like opening a lovely gift, with each of my sets of new mini cards and business cards stored in the prettiest little boxes with colorful wraps.  It was like opening a rainbow!


Tyler wonders why Lucy is on my business card

I am so excited to be able to offer these new tags and business cards when shipping my products.  They will definitely boost the professional appearance of everything I create.  If you have ANY need for superior advertising, I would definitely check this company out!  They received an all paws up in this pet household!!


Stunning Rockies

Colorado Photos

My father lost a very dear first cousin yesterday.  J.L. was, like most members of our family, raised in Texas (in the town of Sweetwater).  In mid-life, however, he moved to Colorado, and once there never left the mountains.  His favorite place in the world was Rocky Mountain National Park, and the nearby city of Estes Park, Co.  Estes Park, like Boulder, Jamestown, and other areas in and around Denver, was very hard hit by torrential rains and flooding this past Thursday.

Flooding in Estes Park

J.L. is certainly not the only Texan in our family to fall in love with the rugged beauty of Colorado.   I, too, love this place, as does my husband.  In fact often I think it would be the perfect little place for us to retire.  Yes it gets plenty cold as compared to Austin, Texas, with the worst of the cold weather coming to this area of the Rockies in spring, just when the bluebonnets are in full bloom here.  Still, I cannot resist the mountains in all their year-round glory, and find Rocky Mountain National Park particularly becoming this time of year as the aspens turn golden and the elk come down from the high summer meadows to walk the streets of Estes Park.  If you have never seen…or heard…elk during the mating season you are truly missing quite a sight.

Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park

When my brother and I were growing up our parents took us to this place often.  We camped in a tent in the national park, and shopped the streets of Estes Park and played miniature golf there.  I will never forget my daughter’s first trip to Colorado; she just couldn’t stop taking pictures.   She was in Estes Park during Spring Break this year, and  fell in love with the place all over again.

Trail Ridge Road (U.S. 34) in the national park has to be one of the most magnificent drives in this country.  A highway to the sky, it covers 48 miles between Estes Park on the east side of the park to Grand Lake on the western side.  A visitor center sits perched at the uppermost point of the drive, and from this vantage point, high above the tree line, you have a magnificent view over all the Rockies.  In just the last few days this road has provided the only way out of Estes Park, with flooding so severe that roads going directly east towards Denver have been closed.

Enjoy the gallery of photos above, to a very favorite place of mine.  My heartfelt thoughts are with the residents and businesses in Estes Park.   Recover quickly, because Colorado is always calling me back…

Cat Art


Faux Lichtenstein Effect

Inspired by the American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997), this technique is called faux lichtenstein.  While not carefully painted on to the canvas by hand, these thousands of tiny dots give the same effect as the artist’s original paintings.  Roy taught art and drawing most of his life, and was particularly well-known for his comic strips, advertising, and graphic arts – mixing his fine art studies with commercial art.


Original Photograph

This piece started with an original photograph of my kitty Tyler, and was refined in Photoshop to give the faux lichtenstein effect.  Modern and compelling, the effect gives a very unique look.  It won’t be for everyone, but does demonstrate the range of possibilities with Photoshop.

What do you think?


You Did What?


It’s a question I often hear when people hop in my car for a ride.  I flip my visor down to block the hot Texas sun and then you see it – my two-sided round mirror attached to my visor with a dog collar – a very pretty dog collar.  The setup clearly exposes my design philosophy, first find a way to make things function (or in this case dual function), then make it pretty.  Thinking outside the box helps.  It’s really just as simple as that.

You see my Honda Element came with a mirror on the passenger visor, but not the driver visor.  I thought about it and decided if I bought a nice cosmetic mirror and could find a way to attach it to the visor, it would be especially nice as I could then also remove it for use if needed.  Think “gee I forgot to pack a mirror in my suitcase…oh yeah there is the one on the visor”  kind of thing.


Then the second part came to me; just use a nice dog collar to attach it.  I mean, they have those great snaps, which make it very easy to quickly remove the mirror, and hey, you never know when you might find a stray dog that needs your help.  It works, and I keep a couple of extra leashes in my car too.  You never know when they might come in handy!