Scardy Cat


Tyler Under Cover

I’m still not quite sure what happened last weekend, and am just a bit puzzled by the whole thing.

Our boy kitty Tyler was not shy as a youngster, although he had every reason to be. I found him in a hotel parking lot in Tyler, Texas (hence his name), chasing bugs and trying to follow anyone and everyone into the hotel. He was all but screaming for help. When my parents and I caught him and brought him back to Austin, he laid in our laps the whole way home, seemingly indifferent to all the 18-wheelers that whizzed past us along Interstate 35. Honestly he was so sick for awhile that I don’t think he cared what was happening.

As Tyler grew he became more and more introverted, which is such a shame because he is by far the sweetest cat I have. It’s hard to convince anyone else that steps into our home, though, of his innate sweetness because chances are they will never see him. He typically hides underneath our sofa until the intruder is gone.

Then this past weekend he became even more illusive than normal. It wasn’t until I saw him afraid to pass through our kitchen that I realized something was very wrong. My husband had been cooking chicken in the crockpot on our kitchen counter all afternoon, and he said the thing made a slight “hissing” sound whenever he opened the lid to check on the meat. Hhhmmmm, I wondered if that could that be the problem.


The Terrifying Crockpot

I picked Tyler up to try and carry him through the kitchen and he was in a pure panic, scrambling to get out of my arms. He headed straight for the back bedroom/sewing studio and crawled under the bed covers, where he stayed the majority of the weekend. His fear persisted for some time even after the “offending” large white metal object was removed from the kitchen counter.

Do you have a scardy cat? Has you pet ever acted suddenly or irrationally fearful of something in your home?

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30 thoughts on “Scardy Cat

  1. I have scaredy cats! My cat Luigi, I got him on a farm. . .when he was maybe 6 weeks old. Way too young for me to take him from his litter, but you live and learn. He was terrified that first day, spent the first few weeks under the couch. Now he wants nothing to do with anyone but me, and I constantly wonder what I could have done differently. God though, do I love him. . .so much.

    • Oh how I understand that “love him…so much”. That’s exactly how I feel about Tyler! My husband thinks it has something to do with the trauma he faced alone as a kitten, but one would think after five years it would be different now. But how he love us – it’s amazing.

  2. Could it be that he jumped in it whilst empty (akin to jumping in a shoe box) and accidentally turned it on warm….? I hope not! My momma used to have a tabby cat who used to jump in shoes boxes, pots (anything small/boxy/round) where he coult not fit. He would often run from room to room being chased by nothing…at times unplugging things. He was a hoot!

    • Oh no, he never jumped in it because it’s stored in my glass-front pantry in the utility room…no access. I have one kitty – Miss Big Kitty – who sometimes still runs through rooms like a crazy cat, as you describe. All the other pets always look around like, “What’s that all about?” Pretty funny to watch!

    • Well I’m hoping that will be the case with Tyler – that later he just won’t be bothered by the crock pot anymore. Because we still fully intend to cook with it. Funny thing is it’s not the first time we’ve used it, but he never feared it before.

  3. Our Gracie who is semi feral is just like your Tyler. No one else has ever seen her except perhaps her tail flying as they enter the house. She has been with us nearly 8 years and is still as fearful as the day we brought her home.

  4. Donna used to be scared of her pee pan. She used it once and perhaps it shifted from under her feet when she exited and she was scared to use it after that. After we realised this, we added rubber stoppers to the pan and counter-conditioned her to be comfortable on it. It took us a couple of weeks but it worked. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Is Tyler going back in the kitchen yet? Mom says she has had a few scaredy cats through the years; including Fiona (who lives with us now) and angel Louise. Louise was an intrepid outdoor explorer, but when it came to people, she was long gone until she got to be about 15 years old, and then people who thought she was a figment of Mom’s imagination, started seeing her around occasionally. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Maurico, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona,Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Yes, Tyler goes back through the kitchen now, which is a good thing because he needs access to his litter boxes which are in the utility room. I’m certain, though, that he may exhibit this strange behavior again once the crock pot is pulled back out for cooking (which it will be!). So I am going to have to work with him on his fear…poor baby.

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