On The Move



I only want a peek!


Seriously…where are my toys?


Ok…I think we’re good to go now!

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.  There have been trips to the airport at 4:30am, multiple texts and phone calls, vehicles in for servicing, and packing assistance.   But now the center of the whirlwind, my daughter, is gone.  The reasons are good – she secured a new job and a new apartment in a matter of days in her new home state of Minnesota, where she will complete her last semester of school at the University of Minnesota this fall.

She left early this morning for the long two-day drive back to Minneapolis with her three kitties.  I know that Binx, Mr. Moo, and Caska travel well, as my husband and I brought them to our home in Texas last February.  Having been under my care for such a long time, though, I have grown quite attached to them and will miss them greatly.  Already this house seems too quite…although my daughter and her kitties have once again left my home, they will certainly never leave my heart!  And I want PHOTOS of the kitties enjoying the STAIRS in their new home!!

Have you ever cared for a grown child’s pets long-term?  Did you become as attached to them as I have to my daughter’s kitties?

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17 thoughts on “On The Move

  1. Well we might be a little biased, but we think your daughter will love being in Minneapolis. : )
    We never had to care for our son’s pets…he had a guinea pig when he lived with us at home…and an adorable pet rat at one point. But he did a wonderful job of taking care of them. Now that he’s grown up, I think he’s waiting until he settles down before he adopts any pets. I know he’d love to have a dog. 🙂

    …I’ll give him a pass on the dog thing because he love us kitties so much.
    ; ) Katie

    • Yes Minneapolis is great! She has been there two years for school and loves the university there (Scandinavian studies)! We have had her kitties since February and she came here in mid-June for an extended summer stay. It was just so hard to see them all leave this morning. The only bad thing about Minneapolis is that it’s too far from Texas!!

    • Oh no, never without cats!!! I would not know what to do. I still have my kitties Lucy, Tyler, Peyton, and Miss Big Kitty. And of course my cairn terrier Gracie, lost in a sea of cats, lol. You can check out all my pet bios on my site here! They are quite a group. I’ve gone from 7 cats in the household to 4!

    • I have no doubt my daughter would have something in common with Glogirly since they both love kitties! Two of my daughter’s kitties were adopted 10 years ago from the Austin Humane Society (brother & sister Mr. Moo and Caska), and Binx (the kitty in the photos above) showed up on her 2nd floor apartment doorstep on Halloween night in 2009, screaming his little lungs out! So he is appropriately named Binx after the Halloween kitty in the Hocus Pocus movie, even though he’s mostly white!!

      So these really are her kitties, it’s just that since I’ve cared for them the past 6 months they now feel like they are also mine. So hard not to get attached…and I guess for me it’s just plain impossible. And my daughter is just like me in her love for animals, so I must have done something right. 🙂

  2. Aw! I hope they enjoy their new home. I’m sure it will be kind of sad without them around. My daughters aren’t old enough for that yet. Although, when my brother moved out a few years ago he didn’t take his cat with him. His girlfriend was allergic… and she didn’t like cats… who doesn’t like cats anyways! Glad to say she’s an ex-gf now… I took care of her until we put her down almost a year ago.

  3. Wow, that is going to be so hard for you to see the kitties leave after so many months. Hope you have Skype or Face Time so you can see each other often. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. My mom’s cats were always in the suitcases at packing time too! Mom told me that her first cat Danny lived with her parents quite a bit. She move in with them and her 2 cats after a divorce. When she moved to Chicago Danny stayed with then lots when she had to travel, etc. They then started asking for him to stay for the summer, her folks really loved him! Love Dolly

  5. Best of luck to your daughter and the cats on their new adventure! 🙂

    I actually had the opposite experience. My parents took care of my dog when I went away to college (so I guess I was technically grown, but not really) – by the time I graduated, we agreed that it would be better for her to stay there with them as she’d never lived anywhere else. So, obviously my parents were pretty attached too. 😉

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