Litter Box Solutions – Part II



This is the second part of a two-part article on solutions to typical litter box issues.

So, here is another delicate problem I’ve been forced to resolve with my cats and the litter boxes.  I call it high peeing.  Yes, you read that right; I have cats that stand to pee or “spray” in their litter box.  The solution to this problem initially seemed like a simple one – just get a litter box with high enough sides to allow a cat to stand and urinate.  But it turns out this was not such a simple idea.

I measured the space in my newly designed utility room closet area to determine the largest litter box size that could be accommodated.  I also wanted to be able to fit two litter boxes in this area, and decided that two 20” square boxes would be the largest size I could use, and they needed to be a minimum of 15 ½” deep.  Deeper would be even better!   This would allow for approximately 3-4” of litter to be placed in the bottom of each box.

And this is just my opinion, but I firmly believe in having “open” boxes for cats.  They say cats have noses that are 14 times more sensitive than human noses, and personally the idea of porta potties is not something I find pleasant.  Can you imagine with their sensitivity to smells how cats must feel having to use a litter box that is dark and confining?  Knowing this, I wanted boxes that were open at the top and made of clear translucent plastic, to provide the cats with as much open and visible space and fresh air as possible.  Having the boxes open at the top would also make them easy to clean.  Lastly they needed a cut-out for the cats to step into the box.

So once again I went on the hunt.  I went to all the big-box pet stores, Target, and Walmart, looking for the perfect boxes.  Pet store litter boxes all had sides that were way too low for my needs.  Finally, after finding nothing, I ended up purchasing two perfect size translucent plastic boxes at The Container Store, and had to do the cut-outs myself.  I used a cardboard template and drew my lines, and then used a jigsaw for the cuts, and then sanded the edges once the cuts were made.  Perfect!   I have to tell you that once I had the two new litter boxes in place in the closet, the cats quite literally lined up to check out their newly remodeled bathroom.  They gave me 16 paws up!

I know of at least three friends that have this very same problem with their cats.  I hope there are some litter box manufacturers out there listening, because apparently my cats have a rather common issue which manufacturers have yet to address!  Have you found solutions to any litter box issues you might have?




5 thoughts on “Litter Box Solutions – Part II

  1. What a great job. I have done the same thing in that I have used large lidless storage containers for my litter boxes but the sides are only about six inches tall, and I do have the same problem with my male cat. Mostly I would just like to keep most of the litter in the boxes because I have some athletic coverers who throw it everywhere. We don’t have a container store, but I would think I could find something on-line. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes the higher sides really do help, and would definitely help with those “athletic” litter tossers, lol! And I’m sure you are right that there must be someplace online that would sell a box with the taller sides. Bed, Bath & Beyond did sell some great colorful plastic containers, oval-shaped, with HANDLES that work well if you don’t need sides 14-16″ tall, but still fairly tall. They sell them for people as large plastic ice buckets, but they make beautiful litter boxes. Just a thought!

  2. Another great idea that looks pretty easy. I think manufacturer’s idea of fixing the problem are the hooded litter boxes. They have the slots on top, but that still doesn’t seem like it’s going to do much in terms of aerating the odor in there. We used to put our litter box in a really high cardboard box. Worked good for litter being thrown everywhere too.

  3. Good point about the porta potty comparison – although our cats seem to like the hooded litter boxes. We used to have open ones and they really acted up until we switched to the hooded ones – I think they like the privacy? But I like your idea of a really tall litter box to help with litter being thrown everywhere – our cats like to make sure their business is covered 🙂

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