Etsy in Austin


I was so excited last weekend to be  a part of an Etsy “Home for the Holidays”  in Austin, Texas!  Kim Konen from the Etsy Brooklyn office said it was the first time they had a meeting like this in Austin.  We met at the Easy Tiger bake shop and beer garden on East 6th Street from 2:00pm-5:00pm.  Those that sell on Etsy were invited to bring something they make, and most did.  There were about 40 crafters and artists at the event.  Temperatures were cool at the outdoor tables, but conversation was definitely warm and inviting.  Etsy staff offered to pick up the food tab, and provided platters with treats including oversize pretzels, sausage, cheese, and jerkey from Easy Tiger, and we all had time to visit and exchange ideas.  For me it was just so great to meet others that were also sellers on Etsy.  I felt good that I had learned enough in the past year to be able to help some other sellers just starting out on Etsy, yet I also got some great tips from Etsy folks who had been selling much longer than me.  My four best tips for the day:

1)  List my business name, “Sassmuffins”, on all my Etsy listing tags, so that people can find me easier.

2) Invite my friends to my business Facebook page.

3) List my Etsy shop as, rather than  Whew, much easier on the eyes.  I’ll have to remember this on future advertising.

4) Join Austin Craft Riot (formerly Etsy Austin), a local group of artists, crafters, vintage & supply sellers promoting the handmade revolution in Austin, TX!

All in all, this was a super get together for Etsy staff and sellers.  I am definitely going to join Austin Craft Riot for their monthly meetings (every month except November/December), so I can learn even more.  Thank you Etsy for bringing us together in Austin!



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